January 25, 2024 | 4 minutes read

Founder Spotlight – Ben Alfi


Founder Spotlight
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Entrée Capital Team

Entrée Capital’s “Founder Spotlight” series is a collection of video and written blogs that aim to highlight some of the inspiring founders in our portfolio and to share some of the lessons that they’ve learned along the way. 

In this Founder Spotlight, we spoke to Ben Alfi, the Founder and CEO of Bluewhite.


What does your company do and the problem it solves for your target audience in one sentence? 

Bluewhite’s autonomous farming platform empowers growers facing challenges like labor shortages and rising operational costs, providing a user-friendly solution and end-to-end support to enhance farm management, increase yields, and boost profitability.

How did you come up with your business idea, and what inspired you to pursue it?

After 25 years in the Israeli Air Force, my shift to entrepreneurship was fueled by a deep desire for meaningful change, guided by values of innovation, fellowship, and love for the land. Our mission extends beyond financial success to creating a meaningful impact on the 21st-century workforce, fostering innovation, and contributing to society.

Can you pinpoint key milestones in your entrepreneurial journey and how they shaped your business? 

Our journey in autonomous vehicles has evolved from ideation to commercial reality, solidifying our commitment to the advancement of technology. I can mention a few key milestones, including successful client operations at scale and expansion into new states like Washington, highlighting the practicality and adaptability of our solutions. In addition, within just three months, we’ve achieved upsells, signaling our rapid emergence as a trusted and commercially successful player in the autonomous mobility landscape. This places us at the forefront of a $60 billion market!

What was your toughest decision as an entrepreneur, and how did you handle it?

One of my toughest decisions as an entrepreneur was relocating to the US for the global success of Bluewhite. Despite the personal cost and emotional challenges of being separated from my family, I found comfort in the conviction that this sacrifice was integral to achieving our ambitious goals. As I embraced the decision, I believe that the positive impact on our business would ultimately outweigh the challenges faced in my personal life and family.

How do you envision your company’s future, and any exciting developments ahead? 

Bluewhite is poised for significant success, envisioning a pivotal role in the 21st-century work transformation and ensuring global food availability. Our commitment extends beyond profitability, focusing on creating safe, high-quality work environments for farm workers.

How do you balance work and personal life to avoid burnout?

A key to avoiding burnout is finding excitement in every new challenge. When you create something meaningful and cultivate a consistent internal drive, you gain energy for the next steps of your business journey. Honestly, I don’t think there is any work-life balance since your business is part of your day and night, it’s your pure addiction (for good or bad).

If you could advise your younger self when starting your business, what would it be?

If I could advise my younger self, I would stress the importance of trusting my feelings and instincts. Aim to pursue promising opportunities enthusiastically and handle unfavorable situations immediately rather than postponing, since this can be detrimental to the entrepreneurial journey.

Why Entrée?

Selecting Entrée as our investor has profoundly shaped Bluewhite’s journey. Avi, Ran, and Eran have gone beyond financial support, providing a listening ear, setting high expectations, and offering unwavering support through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Their alignment with our values and shared commitment to making a positive impact make Entrée an invaluable partner in our pursuit of success.

To learn more about Bluewhite visit: https://bluewhite.co/