At Entrée, we are proud to be "for founders, by founders".

We've invested in over 100 startups in the past decade. We have worked, and continue to work, with amazing founders and teams who are driven to change the world. Their successes are our successes. Their stories are inextricably linked to ours.

Eido Gal and Assaf Feldman, Co-Founders, Riskified
Meirav Oren, Co-Founder & CEO, Versatile
Arik Shtilman, Co-Founder & CEO, Rapyd
Ron Gura, Co-Founder & CEO, Empathy
Moran and Paul Price, Co-Founders, IRP Systems

Dotan Bar Noya

Co-Founder, CEO

"We were lucky to have good partners with us from early on. The team at Entrée, especially Eran Bielski, worked with us through the ideation stage, providing us with critical feedback that helped us to reach our value proposition faster,”

Ran Korber

Co-Founder, CEO

“I believe that what is unique about Entrée is their ability to help the company negotiate the best terms for investment, while putting the company’s best interests first; this has also helped Entrée to quickly gain the respect of all our other investors.”

Founder Spotlight

Todd Saunders


"We love partnering with investors that understand what it takes to start a company because they have done it themselves. Entrée provides us the freedom to build the business we want to build, but is always there to support us when we need them."

Ben Alfi


"In the early days, BWR tried to create robots for every market. It was Entrée who made us focus on agriculture and see the huge opportunities there. BWR see Entrée as being part of our family – and that makes me hopeful for what comes next."

Nir Minerbi

Co-Founder, CEO

"Entrée is just another word for devotion, alignment, friendship, and professionalism. If you want an investor that in practice, acts like another co-founder, and will walk you through ice and fire - Entrée is your choice."

Sharon Tal

Founder, CEO

"...Avi’s supportive approach, experience and tremendous network played a huge role in our company’s success, funding, and exit.”

Reinhard Martens

Co-Founder, CEO

"Entrée advised that it would be the one’s who could hold their nerve that would win the game. This advice helped Gastrofix stay calm, and focus on its core business. Thanks to Entrée for believing in us and taking the risk to make their first investment in Germany with us. That belief gave us the confidence to believe in ourselves and to see that we could make it."

Oscar Pierre

Co-Founder, CEO

"Entrée made decisions quickly and are easy to work with. The Entrée team really support founders and have been there when we needed them – for example analyzing the Israel market, preparing us for IPO and working with other investors behind the scenes."

Walid Daniel Dib

Co-founder, CEO

"We connected with Entrée immediately when we first met. I believe that Avi saw a bit of chutzpah in us and our ambition and that led to an offer of a $500K investment after just one meeting... For hala, Entrée is more than just an investor – Avi is an advisor and a friend, bringing honesty, professionalism and transparency to the table."

Itay Levy

Co-Founder, CEO

"More than advisors, we see Entrée as friends and throughout our relationship we have been humbled and amazed at the care that Entrée gives to the people that they invest in – even looking out for my father in hospital at one point. That care is unparalleled – and that humanity sets Entrée apart.”

Moran Price

Co-Founder, CEO

"The moment they decide to invest in a company, Entrée see themselves as long-term partners. They look for the shared interests between the company and its investors, they are not afraid of hard work and have helped us to get to where we are today."

Babs Ogundeyi

Co-Founder, CEO

"Entrée has a reputation for being one of the best early stage investors. We liked the existing portfolio and heard glowing reports from a couple of the founders in those portfolio companies, when we found out there was interest, it was a really a no brainer."

Roy Mann

Co-Founder, CEO

"... the best investor a founder can wish for. They really know how to support us when it matters, and had our backs both in good and bad times. Avi gave us the freedom to pursue what we believe in. He is a unique investor in the ecosystem, always transparent, honest and supportive, even when he has an opposing view.”

Nadav Shoval

Co-Founder, CEO

"Entrée has a great balance of all the things we look for in our investors. Like us, they’re mission-driven — they want to solve huge problems in industries and in society. They’re also dedicated to helping the business grow as real partners. They’re committed to leveraging their unique resources to assist us in achieving our goals."

Greg Moshal

Co-Founder, Joint CEO

"We wouldn’t have the business without Entrée – they have funded us from just an idea, were always there when we needed them and gave us flexibility to build an innovative model. They were there in our hardest times and stepped up when others did not."

Arik Shitlman

Co-Founder, CEO

"When it comes to accepting funding from investors, we only look at those that can add value to our business, beyond just funding. Entrée has been highly engaged and supportive, and also helped us multiple times with introductions to potential customers and partners. This was exactly the type of value that we were looking for when we had to pick investors for Rapyd."

Eido Gal

Co-Founder, CEO

"Entrée partners are not only investors but are also experienced founders, capable of providing good advice to entrepreneurs starting their own companies. Entrée helped us at the first stages of the company, backed us in our Series A when others would not and continued that support doubling down again before our next round – Entrée has been a great partner."

Garrett Gee

Co-Founder & CEO

"Entrée is the perfect investor. They aren’t overbearing, and offer advice expertise, mentorship and access to connections when needed. More than that they give us the space we need to figure things out and recognize the importance of prioritizing family over the business.”

David Goldhill

Co-Founder, CEO

"It was very clear to me and my co-founders that the Entrée has supportive, no-drama relationships with entrepreneurs, focusing on the fundamentals and ignoring the distractions."

Brandon Krieg

Co-Founder, CEO

"From the date they invested in our seed financing, Entrée Capital has served as a close advisor and powerful sounding board, helping position STASH for growth and as a leader in the consumer fintech industry. What’s valued most is the clock-speed thinking of the firm – and the honest and candid advice that they give."

Uri Haramati

Co-Founder, CEO

"Entrée funded the previous company I founded, Life on Air (AKA Meerkat, Houseparty); it formed a great relationship, and Entrée was always there for us, especially when sh#t hit the fence. It was obvious for me to speak to Avi when the idea was forming, and the rest is history."

Meirav Oren

Co-Founder, CEO

"Entrée has commitment and vision. I look for investors who have the ability to recognize greatness and partner with founders in a significant, empowering way. It’s good to have you in our corner!"

Kirk Ouimet

Co-Founder & CEO

"Avi was incredible to work with. He shared our vision… and was much more than an investor. Avi's experience was crucial in our sale to Snap Inc. I look forward to working with him again!"