Entrée Capital’s “Founder Spotlight” series is a collection of video and written blogs that aim to highlight some of the inspiring founders in our portfolio and to share some of the lessons that they’ve learned along the way.


In this episode, we chatted with with Dotan Bar Noy, the co-founder and CEO of Authomize, which monitors identities, access privileges, assets, and activities, to secure apps and cloud services.

Dotan Bar Noy
Co-Founder and CEO of Authomize

In the conversation Dotan discussed Authomize’s ideation process, how to stand out in a crowded market, being a “must” vs. a “nice-to-have”, and more.

A bit about Dotan:

Dotan Bar Noy is Authomize’s Co-Founder & CEO. Prior to co-founding Authomize, Dotan was the head of product management for the “Infinity Next” platform at Check Point Software, following the successful acquisition of ForceNock Security, where he served as Co-founder & CEO.

A bit about Authomize:

Authomize continuously monitors your identities, access privileges, assets, and activities, to secure all your apps and cloud services. Their granular visibility across IaaS, SaaS, and Data services enables organizations to ensure effective control over their access privileges and the security of their assets.


Watch Dotan's Founder Spotlight Interview: