Entrée Capital’s “Founder Spotlight” series is a collection of video and written blogs that aim to highlight some of the inspiring founders in our portfolio and to share some of the lessons that they’ve learned along the way.


In this Founder Spotlight, we sat down for a quick video chat with Maite Diez-Canedo, Co-Founder of Via.

Maite Diez-Canedo
Co-Founder at Via

In the short talk, Maite discusses how the global circumstances and listening to her customers helped her find product-market fit, how she came to the conclusion to turn a Stanford project into a company, and advice to other founders about what it really means to just get started.

A bit about Maite:

Prior to being co-founder of Via, Maite did her MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business, co-founded a talent marketplace in Latin America and started her career in Investment Banking in NYC.

A bit about Via:

Via is a platform that helps companies of all sizes onboard and pay employees and contractors across countries seamlessly and compliantly. Via helps companies access the global workforce and navigate the remote economy effectively. Our mission is to change the way the world works by enabling the global interconnectivity between organizations and people.

Watch Maite's Founder Spotlight Interview: