Entrée Capital’s “Founder Spotlight” series is a collection of video and written blogs that aim to highlight some of the inspiring founders in our portfolio and to share some of the lessons that they’ve learned along the way.


In this episode, we chatted with Meirav Oren, the co-founder and CEO of Versatile, which elevates the abilities of construction professionals through technology that provides unmatched visibility into their own production rates with hard data.

Meirav Oren
Co-Founder and CEO of Versatile

In the conversation Meirav discussed the importance of being obsessed with the problem you’re solving, what it means to be category defining, how to think about “plans vs. actuals”, and more.

A bit about Meirav:

As CEO and co-founder of Versatile, Meirav is a visionary leader who brings passion, collaboration, and a never-quit attitude to everything she does. Before co-founding Versatile, she spent 10 years at Intel, spearheading BizOps and financial services, leading international projects with multicultural teams. She leads the Tel Aviv chapter of the Society for Construction Solutions (SCS). Under her leadership, Versatile became the first construction technology firm named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. Meirav holds multiple degrees, including an Executive MBA, LL.M, and a BA in Economics & Management, and is a former Lieutenant of the Israeli Air Force.

A bit about Versatile:

Headquartered in Los Altos, CA, Versatile creates technology that gives construction professionals unmatched visibility into their production rates. By delivering the right data to the right people at the right time while naturally fitting existing processes, a fragmented industry becomes a controllable manufacturing process. The result? Increased productivity, predictability and safety with the insights needed to manage and bid future projects more competitively. Want to learn more? Visit: www.versatile.ai, follow them on Twitter @versatileai and LinkedIn or email them at letstalk@versatile.ai.

Watch Meirav's Founder Spotlight Interview: