Entrée Capital’s “Founder Spotlight” series is a collection of video and written blogs that aim to highlight some of the inspiring founders in our portfolio and to share some of the lessons that they’ve learned along the way.


In this Founder Spotlight, we sat down for a quick video chat with Noam Toister, Co-Founder and CEO of Bookaway

Noam Toister
Co-Founder and CEO of Bookaway

In the conversation Noam discussed why when all travel slowed down due to the pandemic, rather than lie-low, Bookaway decided to use its funds for M&As, the importance of building an MVP, and what advice he’d give to pre-seed founders.


A bit about Noam:

Noam Toister is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bookaway Group and leading the vision and strategy for the Group. Prior to founding Bookway, Noam advised various startups and independently built web apps and websites designed to increase user engagement. Before that, he founded and served as CEO of VerData, a location-based advertising company. Prior to being an entrepreneur in the tech realm, Noam began his career as a branch manager in a retail travelers brand, specializing in sales to travelers and customer retention. Noam is an MBA graduate and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Management, both from the Ben Gurion University of the Negev.


A bit about Bookaway:

Bookaway is a ground and sea travel platform, taking online the last unserved vertical in travel by aggregating thousands of offline transportation operators (buses, ferries, trains, private transfers) globally, and allowing travelers to book these services as seamlessly as they would book a hotel today.

Watch Noams's Founder Spotlight Interview: