Recording: How to Find Product Market Fit in Enterprise SaaS

? Finding your product-market fit is a critical determinant for B2B or enterprise SaaS companies, often laying the foundation for growth. But finding your (sometimes elusive) PMF is a complex process with many different and opposing playbooks. 

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o learn about PMF in Enterprise SaaS from a renowned expert panel of B2B SaaS founders and veteran C-levels including Amir Orad (CEO, Sisense), Iris Shoor (Director of Product, LinkedIn), Adi Sharabani (CTO, Snyk), and Sagi Gidali (Co-Founder & CGO, Perimeter81) with opening remarks by David Roldán, Jr, (Head of Startup Business Development – EMEA at Amazon Web Services). The panel was moderated by Entrée Capital’s Eran Bielski, where he asked the panelists about: 


  • Finding PMF: How did you know that you’ve “hit” PMF? Is there such a thing as 100% finding it? Can you get better at finding PMF?
  • Team Building: How do you construct your team for PMF vs scaling? Is engineering on the phone? Product? Who speaks to customers in the beginning? How to ensure involvement of all the company in PLG not just product…
  • B2B vs B2C: Is there a different journey for each type of startup? What about enterprise vs lowtouch?  
  • Pivoting: In your path toward PMF, did you pivot or persevere/polish? And how did you decide which path to follow? 
  • Competition: When or how did you factor in questions around the competitive landscape, tech changes in the world, and customer feedback? When/how often do you do competitive landscaping when it comes to product development in your search for PMF?
  • Pricing: How often during PMF exercise do you think: how do I sell this for scale? How often do you go back to the drawing board? How did you know how to price your product?
  • Leveraging VCs: How should founders leverage VCs to get to PMF (if at all?)
  • Last Advice: ​​What would be one tip you’d give to founders that are in the process of finding their PMF? Is there a formula?