Recording: Bootstrapping vs. Fundraising

Founders are often faced with the dilemma of either bootstrapping or fundraising, and which path is the best choice for them and their startup. There are many debates around the benefit of access to capital vs. maintaining exclusive control, having the guidance of an investor vs. managing it all at your own pace, and more. 

In this hybrid event hosted at the offices in Tel Aviv, attendees gained insight from two incredibly successful founders, one that bootstrapped ‘till success and one that went the investment route, respectively, Eytan Levit of Mixtiles and Ron Gura of Empathy.

Watch the recording now to hear firsthand how they answered the bootstrap vs. fundraising question themselves. 


Some of what you’ll learn:

  • What metrics or criteria can be used to help a founder determine if fundraising or bootstrapping is the right choice
  • Balancing check and value and understanding what you can expect from investors
  • How to choose the right investors if you go that route
  • The pros and cons of both options from founders that have done it