Recording: The Secrets to Building and Funding Your DeepTech MVP

Achieving a minimum viable product in the arena of DeepTech is substantially more complex than in other tech ecosystems due to the high level of risk, the steep cost of investment, and the protracted timeline to reach effective ROI.


Watch this recording to hear firsthand what DeepTech founders, investors, and technology supporters did (and continue to do) in order to overcome these challenges and build technology that will change the world.


Event Partners

Entrée Capital, Intel Ignite, The Israel Innovation Authority


Speakers and Panelists

  • Tomer Ben David- Co-Founder and CEO of Vortex Imaging
  • Leah Kolben- Co-Founder and CTO of
  • Nir Minerbi- Co-Founder and CEO of Classiq
  • Ran Achituv- Managing Partner at Entrée Capital
  • Yuval Avnon- CTO and Co-Founder of Ignite