BRIA is now part of Microsoft Azure’s new Models-as-a-Service offerings

Microsoft | May 21, 2024

BRIA was highlighted at Microsoft Build 2024 as it is now part of Microsoft Azure’s new Models-as-a-Service offerings:

“Whatever the use case, developers can build intelligent multimodal, multi-lingual copilots with out-of-the-box and customizable models and APIs, like language, speech, content safety, and more.

With the model catalog, you will find over 1600 models from providers like Meta, Mistral, Microsoft, and OpenAI, including GPT 4 Turbo with Vision and Microsoft’s small language model (SLM) Phi3- and new models from Core42 and Nixtla. Models from Bria AI, Gretel, NTT DATA, Stability AI, AI21, and Cohere Rerank are coming soon. Models curated by Azure AI are the most widely deployed models, packaged and optimized to work on the Azure AI platform. At the same time, the Hugging Face collection provides the breadth of many hundreds of models which allow users to consume the exact model best for them. And there are so many”

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