Sesame Health announces its partnership with Costco to bring affordable healthcare

Forbes | September 30, 2023

Costco is one of the most celebrated brands in the world, lauded for its powerful brand recognition, loyal customer base, and incredibly commanding market position. The company has positioned itself as an icon during both good and bad economic times, given that it provides daily household goods in bulk for members who pay an annual fee.

However, Costco is more than just a retailer for household staples; the company offers a variety of unique items that other retailers have not ventured into yet, ranging from insurance to vacation packages.

In this spirit, the retailer announced last week that it will be partnering with famed healthcare provider Sesame Health to bring affordable healthcare to its members. Sesame has an innovative healthcare delivery model: it connects patients directly with physicians rather than through middle men— the latter which are typically responsible for increased healthcare costs. As the company explains, “[doctors] on Sesame list their own prices, availability, and services – without insurance mark-ups or surprise bills. By putting power back in the hands of patients and doctors, Sesame cuts out the middlemen that drive up costs to save you up to 60% on your care.”

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