Decipad wants to help everyone do data modelling

Tech Crunch | March 3, 2022

Decipad, a no-code startup that’s aiming to disrupt spreadsheets with accessible tools that empower people to play around with numbers, has nabbed $5 million in seed funding. Put simply, it’s building an interactive notebook to help non-technical people do data modelling.

The seed round was co-led by Entrée Capital and Target Global, with participation from Flybridge Capital, Founder Collective, Shilling VC, Angel Invest Ventures and some unnamed angel investors (from companies including Airtable and Auth0).

Commenting on the funding in a statement, Avi Eyal, managing partner at Entrée Capital, added: “I am most excited about the role Decipad is playing in the future of work. It is crucial that more people and teams become data active to accelerate better decisions.”

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