Empathy and New York Life provide bereavement care to more employees

Insurance News Net | June 15, 2022

New York, (June 14, 2022) Empathy, a platform helping families navigate the journey they face after losing a loved one, today announced a partnership with New York Life Group Benefit Solutions, a leader in the group insurance market. The partnership is an expansion of the partnership announced between Empathy and New York Life1 last year to provide beneficiaries with logistical and emotional support after the loss of their loved ones.

Bereaved employees and their families are often left grieving and in distress, not just from the loss itself, but also from the logistical challenges that follow. According to Empathy’s recently released Cost of Dying 2022 Report, families spend, on average, 420 hours tending to their loved one’s affairs in the weeks and months following the loss. Moreover, the same report found that returning to work created additional stress, with 70% of younger respondents reporting either lowered performance, concern for their job, or both.

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