Figures partners with Malt to help growth in new markets

Figures | November 17, 2022

No more guesswork. Using data from Figures, Malt’s compensation model is clear and accurate. “We can see the trustworthiness of the data; five stars for how reliable the data is.”

Assessing existing salaries is easier.  Figures has helped Malt to review salaries internally, too. “It’s allowed us to look at our internal employees and see if people are above market, below market, or in line. We can take that into account in performance reviews.”

Managers approach recruitment with confidence.  “When we get candidates coming in with counter offers, we have internal discussions, and sometimes it’s only around 3-4k difference if it’s a junior employee, but if we have the data to back it up, it saves us time. It saves us money.”

A solid compensation structure increases accountability. “I think it increases that credibility internally; you know, when we say 50k we’re not just putting the number out of there.  We can show [employees] Figures and say look – this is where the data is coming from.” The model is solid enough to be shared across markets and countries as Malt expands, too: “The future for us is training local HR managers to use Figures and empowering them to make local decisions.”

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