IRP Systems CEO wants to “electrify mobility”

Calcalist | December 7, 2021

Moran Price believes a mass adoption of electric vehicles is coming and thinks her company’s powertrain technology can help people breathe clean air.

“Our mission is to clean the world from CO2 and to fight climate change, and we are in a great sense of hurry, we do not have much time,” said Moran Price, the co-founder and CEO of IRP systems, a supplier and manufacture of electric powertrain systems for e-mobility platforms. “In order to achieve this we need to reach the mass market, we need to electrify all those cost-sensitive platforms that people around the globe use. There are of course electric vehicles in the market, but today, to reach a good electric platform it is quite costly, and therefore, it is mainly adopted in high-end segments of the market.”


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