LightSolver — A New Quantum-inspired Solver Cracks the 3-Regular 3-XORSAT Challenge

Arxiv | July 19, 2022

The increasing complexity of required computational tasks alongside the inherent limitations in conventional computing calls for disruptive innovation. LightSolver devised a new quantum-inspired computing paradigm, which utilizes an all-optical platform for solving hard optimization problems. In this work, LightSolver introduces its digital simulator and joins the 3-Regular 3-XORSAT (3R3X) challenge, which aims to map the best available state-of-the-art classical and quantum solvers. So far, the challenge has resulted in a clear exponential barrier in terms of time-to-solution (TTS), preventing the inspected platforms from solving problems larger than a few hundred variables. LightSolver’s simulator is the first to break the exponential barrier, outperforming both classical and quantum platforms by several orders-of-magnitude and extending the maximal problem size to more than 16,000 variables.

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