Rolls-Royce, Classiq collaborate for computational fluid dynamics

Aerospace Manufacturing and Design | November 2, 2022

Classiq, the leader in quantum software, is working with Rolls-Royce to implement novel computational fluid dynamics algorithms. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) deals with heavy, and complex numerical simulations of fluid and gas phenomena. Used in many industrial applications, CFD is key to improving advanced equipment design by, for example, optimizing aerodynamics and thermodynamics. The collaboration will combine quantum and classical computing techniques, leveraging the strengths of each technology.

The quantum HHL algorithm, which solves a linear set of equations, can be utilized in a hybrid classical/quantum computer implementation of CFD. The nonlinear and linear parts are solved on classical and quantum hardware, respectively.

Classiq will provide an efficient implementation of the linear problem definition into the quantum circuit and will generate optimized circuits for the different quantum functions within the HHL algorithm. Using the Classiq platform, Rolls-Royce will develop state-of-the-art optimized quantum circuits for the HHL algorithm.

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