Sensi.AI raises $31M Series B to redefine aging-in-place

TechCrunch | June 26, 2024

…While various solutions help with emergencies, such as fall detection monitoring offered by OlaCare and SafelyYou, Gubes told TechCrunch that Sensi provides a more comprehensive overview of what’s going on. Not only can it help alert that the home care client has had an emergency like a fall, but it can also indicate less urgent health problems like urinary tract infections, pneumonia and “good-to-know” issues, including change in activity levels, sentiment and lack of companionship, Gubes said.

Sensi works by placing simple audio pods similar to Amazon’s Alexa throughout the person’s home, but generally in the bedroom, the bathroom and the living/kitchen area. The company’s AI then continuously collects the audio and analyzes it for any variations from the baseline.

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